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Slow Motion Landing

Landing in Paris CDG in Slow Motion - Part 2

Here is the following of my first "Slow motion" video added on the 9th of April 2016! Some new awesome catches with big birds such as Airbus A380, Boeing 777, Boeing 757 or Airbus A340! The.

2016-04-30 04:57 28,787 YouTube

slowmotion landings at Amsterdam airport Schiphol

took my good 'old' Casio EX-F1, screwed the raynox hd 2.2x teleconvertor on top and did some 600fps landing recordings. The camera crops a lot in the high speed video modes, I'm presuming th

2013-04-29 07:05 27,339 YouTube

Slowmotion Landings (Boeing 777, Airbus A340, Boeing 757, ect) Full HD1080p

Take a look Behind the Scenes ( Subscribe for a new video every 3rd week ( Follow me on Facebook (https:/

2013-11-27 01:41 480,284 YouTube

Landing Cessna and Piper Flying in Slow Motion

Landing Cessna and Piper Flying in Slow Motion.

2013-06-17 09:23 13,017 YouTube

120fps slow motion landing & VS 744

Just testing some stuff with a new lens and the slow motion function on the Z7. It's not too bad quality considering the plane is over 4 miles away when it touched down :) INFORMATION ABOUT.

2010-07-25 01:29 41,439 YouTube

Turbo Dismount Replay #24: Multiple Bomb Landing (25% in Slow Motion)

Turbo Dismount Replay #24: Multiple Bomb Landing (25% in Slow Motion) Visit and get free shirt or hoodie. Choose from thousands of tees and ...

2016-05-19 01:23 0 Dailymotion

Drunk bee Landing in Slow motion

This is a funny bee crashing like a drunk. Enjoy...

2013-04-16 01:15 1,918 Dailymotion

Insanely LOW St. Maarten Landing in Slow Motion!!


2015-03-18 00:15 1,574 Dailymotion

Slow Motion Footage of Bald Eagle Landing on Man's Arm

Bald eagles are commonly regarded as majestic and symbolic birds. This video shows the power and precision of their flying technique as Sequoia, a 27-year old e...

2016-05-24 00:32 667 Dailymotion